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Recurve V2 RDA Wotofo

El nuevo Recurve V2 RDA de Wotofo.

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Recurve V2 RDA

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wotofo recurve v2 rda settings

RDA Diameter: 24.6mm
Deck Diameter: 22.2mm
Height: 35.55mm (with drip tip & 510 pin)
Drip Tip: 810 delrin drip tip
Body Material: stainless steel
Coil Type: wire coil
Coil Config: 3mm ID dual coils / 5mm ID single coil
Juice Feeding Method: drip / squonk
Insulator Material: German PEEK
Threading: 510 thread

Colors Available: Black, SS, Gunmetal, Blue, Gold, Rainbow

Standard Edition TPD Edition

Standard Edition

What’s in the package:

· Recurve V2 RDA x1
· 5mm ID Dual Core Fused Clapton 0.65Ω x1
· 5mm Thick Cotton Strip x1
· 3mm ID Framed Staple Clapton 0.33Ω x2
· 3mm Thick Cotton Strip x2
· Airflow Adapter x2
· 5mm Coiling Rod x1
· Cross Head Screwdriver x1
· Allen Key x1
· Accessory Bag x1
· User Manual x1

wotofo recurve v2 rda standard

wotofo recurve v2 rda

Introducing our newest collaboration with Mike Vapes, the Recurve V2 RDA, an exciting upgrade of the once popular Recurve.

wotofo recurve v2 rda 01

Inherited from the original Recurve RDA, the V2 features a curvy design in appearance on both the drip tip and the RDA body.

wotofo recurve v2 rda 01

Recurve V2 is structured to support both dual build of 3mm ID coils and
single build of 5mm/3mm ID coils.

wotofo recurve v2 rda 3mm id coil deck

3mm ID Framed Staple Clapton
(included for dual build)

Material: Ni80
Resistance: ≈0.17Ω (dual build)
Inner Core: 28G+38Gx9+28G
Outer Wire: 36G
Internal Diameter: 3mm
Power Range: 5-80W (dual build)
Best At: 70-78W (dual build)

wotofo recurve v2 rda 5mm id coil deck

5mm ID Dual Core Fused Clapton
(included for single build)

Material: Ni80
Resistance: ≈0.65Ω (single build)
Inner Core: 26Gx2
Outer Wire: 38G
Internal Diameter: 5mm
Power Range: 5-80W (single build)
Best At: 65-75W (single build)

Two airflow adapters are included for the purpose of flavor enhancement. The slot-honeycomb combination smoothly softens the air inflow and directs it right onto the heating coil, mixing it with the vaporized e-juice in the reduced chamber that is formed by the adapter, and sending the flavorful vapor up to your mouth.

wotofo recurve v2 rda 3

wotofo recurve v2 rda dual build airflow adapter

Dual build airflow adapter
Larger top hole
Recommended for 3mm ID coils

wotofo recurve v2 rda single build airflow adapter

Single build airflow adapter
Smaller top hole
Recommended for 3mm ID coils or 5mm ID coils

Wanna fine tune the amount of air to find your sweet spot? No problem. Recurve V2’s flexible airflow control lets you do it with just a twist.

wotofo recurve v2 rda Restrictive mode

Restrictive mode

wotofo recurve v2 rda Exploration mode

Exploration mode

wotofo recurve v2 rda Full open mode

Full open mode

The Recurve V2 RDA has a true postless deck that makes your building process easy and fast. The juice well can hold 2ml of e-liquid, and it’s squonkable with the provided pin in the accessory bag.

wotofo recurve v2 rda 04



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Gun Metal, Negro, Plata


Maqueda, Oporto

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Recurve V2 RDA Wotofo

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